Sergeant of Arms at the Orcish Embassy in Thounia


Strong as an ox, grim looking, it was a nobrainer what to name him. At first he didn’t like the name the clan gave him, as he felt it sounded like a snobby dwarf’s monicer, but it’s grown on him.

Now, as the authority, and the go-to orc, in the Embassy of Krag’Thar in Thounia, he wears his name with pride. Rumour around town is that he once lifted the embassy gates away to let a wagon in, and this makes people fear his strenght. (The rumour is actually true. He did lift the gates, carried them ten meters, and put them to the side once, because it was quicker than to open the gate normally.)

He is also proud that his son, Arnstein, has arrived to work as a guard, but he’s not giving any special treatment. oh no sir! Arnstein has to endure the same regime as the rest of the guards.



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