Crixus Bloodaxe

Ruler of Krag’Thar


Crixus is an old orc, but he is still the undisputed leader of Krag’Thar. His many tattoos, the missing finger on his right hand, and the pronounced scar running across his face all show that he is a formidable warrior. His barrel chest is also a giveaway in this regard.

Unlike a lot of orcish chiefs, Crixus Bloodaxe didn’t only use his strength to stay in power. He is a very intelligent man, cunning and charismatic, and did everything he needed to do to stay in power, and lately to keep Krag’Thar unoccupied, and safe, during the war. Because of this, his warriors, and all who live in Krag’Thar are fiercely loyal to him.

Crixus loves children, even though he doesn’t have any himself, and spends a lot of his day tutoring the children of Krag’Thar. His favourite subject is of course fighting, and even though it might seem brutal to an outsider, he is a gentle teacher who never hurts his sparring partner. (Well, a few bruises and maybe a couple of broken bones, but he never kill anyone while sparring.)

Another trait people love about Crixus is his profanity. He uses colourful oaths and exclamations whenever he can, and this has influenced the way people speak in Krag’Thar. Instead of saying “Today is cold, I think it might snow” they might say something like “This day is as cold as the butthole of a Yuan-Ti, and I recon the God’s piss will freeze on it’s way down!”

When all is said and done, Crixus is perhaps the most honest of all the worlds leaders, because he always say what’s on his mind, and he’s not afraid of telling people to “take your fancy treaties, and shove them where the sun never shines”, as he had to do several times during the war.


Crixus Bloodaxe

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