King of Thounia


King Bernart I of Thounia is regal in any way. His posture, the way he speak, even the way he looks at you screams I am the King! And still, nobody complain as he is well liked. At least in his own country.

The king is a strong man. People claim he is able to decapitate a bull with one stroke of his greatsword, but as it’s not a very regal thing to do, there are not many who claim to have seen it happen. What most people agree on, and many have experienced, is the Kings luck in games. Be it chess or a friendly wager, the King has an uncanny way of ending up the winner. Some have spoken of witchcraft, but most agree that he’s just a lucky man.

When giving speaches, or accepting audiences, the King speaks in a booming voice. You hear the King, unless you are deaf. Thankfully he doesn’t share his queens affinity for long words, but prefer to keep it short and simple when he speaks publicly.



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