Welcome to Wartorn Lands

This campaing was going places nobody wanted it to go, so I decided to redo the entire thing. The players will start at level 1 again, and hopefully we’ll be able to have a lot of fun. I know I am already having more fun creating this version of the campaign because I’ve followed a few pieces of advice I’ve gotten on the Internet. Let me share them with you,

Advice #1: Base your campaign on something you know.
So, what do I know? Well, my whole life I’ve been interested in WWII, like many other people are, so why not base the campaign on that? My first thought was going into the war itself, but as this isn’t Birthright I decided against it. The campaign starts as the war ends, or a few months after the war is over. This leaves me with a world where a few nations and empires have devastated other nations and empires. A lot of people are still refugees, MIA or KIA, and there’s huge areas where you don’t find any whole buildings.
It also leaves me with a lot of soldiers on their way home, a lot of POW’s being shipped hither and thither, bandits roaming the lands, undeads, monsters, and everything you need to get a lot of blood flowing.

Advice #2: Start small, but think large.
This advice wasn’t really about creating a campaign for D&D, but it’s still sound advice. While I will create an outline of the world, and add fluff to the various countries and areas, I will only flesh out those where the PC’s will actually go. And, even though I am not a huge fan, I will do different areas for different levels, like in MMO’s like WoW. Unlike WoW though, I’ll be able to adujst the DC of the encounters so the PC’s doesn’t insta-die the moment they set foot in a new area.

As a start, I’ll work with the area around where the PC’s start out. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Advice #3: If it’s stupid and it works, it’s not stupid!
I know my players, some of them I’ve known more than 20 years, others less, but I do know how most of them play, what they like to do during a session, how they normally create their character, and stuff like this, so some of the things that might happen in this campaign might seem silly to those who stumble upon it, but as long as it works for my group, I’ll keep doing it! (Like the one time they ended up in Ravenloft, and to get them back to the “real world” in a hurry, I sent the doctor in his TARDIS to usher them back. Stupid, but it worked – so it wasn’t stupid!)

So, jump right into the Main Page if you want to explore.

Wartorn Lands

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