The Wayward Hen

tumblr_mv6l6dcuhx1r6h7vyo1_500.jpgThe Wayward Hen is a mix between an inn and a staging area for soldiers going to war, or more precisely home from war now that it’s all over. Before the war, the inn was just a tiny hut next to a little used road, but now it’s a two story house, with a separate stable, and a house for the staff. The ground floor of the main house is basically a huge bar/restaurant/pub, with a small stage for bards, and a couple of tables dedicated to gambling. You can buy all sorts of alcohol here, and most kinds of food.

The clientele consists of prostitutes, pickpockets, rascals, war criminals, soldiers, adventurers, and bandits, and yet it’s seldom any trouble in the pub, as the famous paladin Estrild von Immersdorf is using the Hen as her headquarters.

It is possible to buy horses at the stables. They do not rent horses, as people tend to never come back.

The staff: The Hen is run by a brother and a sister, Leland and Constance Blunt, both veterans from the war, and both looks to be more than able to handle themselves if needed. Constance usually man the bar, while Leland makes sure nobody bothers any of his employees. In addition, they’ve got four barmaids, three of them nimble halflings, while the last one is a less than nimble half-orc. All four are quick-witted, and seems to love their work, the patrons, and the occational five-finger tip.
In the kitchen, two elves run the show. They go by the names of Jay and silent Blake. (Yes, this is a nod to Jay and Silent Bob!) Jay will talk about anything with anyboyd, while Blake hardly ever speak. When he does though, it is well worth listening to. Combined, these two can create almost any dish you’d want.

The stables are run by a dwarf by the name of Dave. He’s not intimidated by anything, and will be quick to point out to anyone who’s giving him trouble that he’s seen the elephant, and doesn’t mind seeing it again. The stableboy is a young human named Jesse. He helps out where he can, and that’s a lot of places, as he’s taller than Dave already.

The Wayward Hen

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