Estrild von Immersdorf

Cute, but strong looking paladin.


Estrild von Immersdorf is a good looking woman Her eyes are large, one is blue while the other is green. She’s got long, blonde hair, and when she smiles dimples appear. As she’s looking at you, she squints as if trying to see your soul.

In safe areas, she wears a long, flowing dress, often with a floral pattern. Jewels around her neck, and on her fingers. Perfume, and all that’s sweet.
When going elsewhere she’s wearing full platemail inlaid with silver and gold. On her back a huge shield with her crest, and at her hip an expensive looking longsword. She still wear perfume, because “A lady doesn’t break sweat.”

It is really easy to get to know Estrild, as she’s a warm and friendly person. She will often buy food and drink for everybody at an inn, and even invite the homeless and the poor for the meal.


Estrild is one of the heroes of the war. Along with her soldiers and followers, she defended a village against one of the mountain clans for three months before backup arrived. When the siege was over, Estrild had lost almost all her soldiers and most of her followers, but this didn’t stop her from helping liberate the next two villages before retreating to resupply and find more soldiers.

Now that the war is over, Estrild has voulenteerd as the guardian of the same villages that she helped during the war. She sends patrols to check on the mountain clans, and more often than not they return with less people than they started out with, so Estrild needs someone not known to the clans to infiltrate and spy on them. It is scary work, but the pay is good for anyone who brings back valuable information. She has set up her base of operation at the The Wayward Hen because it’s closer to the mountains than her home.

Estrild von Immersdorf

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