Wartorn Lands

Session 5

Do they know that we know that they know that we know?

Players: Andre Diero, IanLeafgland Blandorel, Ingeborg Sharr of the Wandering Storm, Robert Thorax Bloodaxe, Therese Valerina, Torstein Cyreal

The session starts at the Cathedral of Irnus where the group was conducting their investigations. The group decides to stay and watch the Mass held by Cardinal Pathos. During mass many things are revealed, mainly that the cathedral has many fancy columns and art-works, but maybe more relevant, Valerina notices that Cardinal Pathos is using hand-signals to communicate with someone in the crowd while holding his speech, she does however, not see who it is. The mass is also very non-religious, focusing mainly on how horrible Askaria is, and also, how potentially dangerous Ethad is.

The next day rumor starts circulating town that there’s a new Embassy. This one with people from Ethad. And they are weird, and very small, also the ambassador has a very young mistress. The group is ordered to attend a banquet at the new embassy, which they do. There they have a chat with the Ambassador of Ethad Merimas Silverstring, and are introduced to his daughter Hiltrude. The group rubs elbows and plants the seeds of a rumor that there’s a death cult operating in the city, trying to see if they can spark the interest of any potential allies with the new embassy. The group also advises the new ambassador to get badges with the symbol of Irnus for himself and his people, so communicating with the locals will be easier.

The new ambassador and his people is invited to brunch at the AMBARRSADE the following day.

After their contact with the Resistance has failed to show up several days in a row, the group (everyone besides Blandorel who is busy shopping) decides to investigate what’s happened to him. Following directions they got from the baker’s guild and after some talking to cats and small children the group finds the boy’s home.

The apartment is covered in blood and there are clear signs of a struggle, the Force of Midnight is the primary suspect. They also notice that there are clothes missing for a woman. Asking the neighbor girl, they find that the dad was “mean” and she never saw the mom except for through the door, she had red hair and pale skin. Otherwise it’s unknown what has happened to the boy.

An orc-style brunch is held for the Ambassador of Ethad and his entourage at the AMBARRSADE. Moments before it starts however, Hiltrude pops through the window of the groups room to reveal that she’s Ethad’s spymaster, and in contact with the resistance. She tells the group about how the Cult of Sotos operated in Ethad before they wiped it out there. And how the cult is known to make use of a poison that makes people paranoid and easy to influence. The group suspects this is what has happened to the Firestone twins. And we discuss if it’s an option to kidnap them for detoxing and just bugger the hell out of Frogtown, but elect to not do so. Electing to stay and work on a proper solution to the problem instead.

During brunch there is much drinking, false singing, some teaching of orcish customs to non-Krag’Thar orcs and Oxgrim intimidates a patrol from the Force of Midnight who walks too close to the AMBARRSADE. Sharr is also approached by two followers of Mafdet who reveal themselves to be working for Hiltrude.

The next day the group decides to split up. Diero, Valerina and Sharr head to the pubs to make a name for themselves. The plan is to get popular and well-known enough that it won’t be too easy to just make them disappear. Their show is largely popular, moving from pub to pub, but the talk on the town seems to be the same wherever they go. Rising xenophobia towards Ethad.

Meanwhile Leafgland, Cyreal and Thorax go back to the Cathedral to watch yet another mass. Thorax realizes that there’s actually two different sculptors that have worked on the columns in the cathedral. Leafgland hears someone chanting in infernal. Listening intently he realizes it’s the Cardinal (regular priest is holding the sermon), and he is sacrificing someone to Sotos. Leafgland then decides to use his ability to talk into the head of people to give the Cardinal a message going “You call this a sacrifice!!!? SACRIFICE DENIED”.

The next day we learn that a whole bunch of resistance people have been executed during the night.



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