Wartorn Lands

Session 4

The Plot Thickens

Players: Andre Diero, Ian Leafgland Blandorel, Ingeborg Sharr of the Wandering Storm, Therese Valerina, Torstein Cyreal, Robert Thorax Bloodaxe.

3 weeks has passed since the last session. The Firestone twins have grown disconnected and strange. They’ve stopped sending reports back to KragThar, they’ve stopped talking orcish, they are no longer comfortable being alone with the PCs and they’ve seemingly become devoted followers of Irnus.

Officially they claim this is all to blend in better at court, but as they no longer seem confident in even their childhood friend Thorax Bloodaxe, the group grows suspicious.

Valerina checks the ambassadors for magical influence, but find little evidence that something is wrong. She does however notice that they are carrying magical rings (which they’ve done since we first met them) and that the embassy chef has a magical knife that keeps the food he prepares from being dangerous to eat.

Thorax asks Oxgrim the ABARRSADE Guard to keep an eye on the twins, which is done by having Oxgrim’s son Arnstein follow them around.

Sharr takes a trip to the Church of Irnus to check what they’ve got to say about Irnus, mainly she just figures out they are a bit more fanatic than what seems healthy.

Valerina decides to infiltrate the Court to see if she can find the reason for the twins behaviour. Something she manages by becoming the warm-up act for the king’s speech at a coming party. Along with Diero she attends the party and mingles with the gentry. They don’t learn much new from the crowd, other than that the gentry now have a completely new view on orcs as being far more civilized than previously anticipated. While Valerina holds a very popular and distracting performance however, Diero sneaks off to see what else he can learn from the Castle. He finds his way to the royal library where he discovers that GASP! Cardinal Pathos is the King’s cousin.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group heads out to find the local resistance. Looking for the lily they had been told about by the smugglers they encountered last session. At the docks they find what they are looking for, and after bluffing their way in and talking their way out of a fight, they manage to make peaceful contact. The resistance is lead by a former paladin named Talis and a rogue named Rath.

The group have a chat with the resistance. Learning that also the resistance is suspicious of the Cardinal, but no one knows quite what’s going on. They make a deal to grant asylum to 3 of the resistance’s members in Krag Thar and also to trade messages back and forth through two runners from the resistance that are also working at the ABARRSADE.

Once Valerina and Diero returns from the castle and tell the rest of the group what they’ve found, this information is forwarded to the resistance.

Three days later it is time for the AMBARRSADE to be blessed by Cardinal Pathos. The gentry arrives, it’s a big party, the king and queen are there.

During the ceremony, the more alert members of the group notices that there is something wrong with what Cardinal Pathos is doing. And Leafgland (who actually understand infernal) realizes that the Cardinal is not blessing the AMBARRSADE in the name of Irnus, but in the name of the God of Death. He warns the rest of the group by talking inside their head and also relays the message to one of the runners from the resistance (the baker’s boy).

The group decides to play it cool. Valerina once again makes herself popular by performing (and also sneaks in a hymn to Mafdet in the performance).

The day after the group sends several messages to the resistance that they request the resistance relay to Estrild von Immersdorf at The Wayward Hen. The messages contain a warning to Crixus in Krag’Thar about what’s going on and that the church of Irnus might be considering expanding there, and a message to the priests of Mafdet in Felandaril that Cardinal Pathos of the Church of Irnus in Irnusia is actually a follower of the God of Death and can you please send help to cleanse this place and maybe smite him a bit.

The resistance does not know what they coin with a full-moon on one side and a half-moon on the other side, that Diero found on one of his attackers is.

The group then goes to the Church of Irnus’s cathedral to ask around, otherwise electing to play it cool. There they notice that the cathedral is far older than the Church of Irnus, yet the acolyte they talk to claim it’s always been devoted to their order. They also learn (through a detect good and evil-spell) that the Cathedral still somewhat holy (a weak glow), the Altar devoted to Irnus lies in darkness,. The holy symbols the acolytes wear also appears as holy.



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