Wartorn Lands

Session 3


Players: Andre Diero, Torstein Cyreal Ingeborg Sharr of the Wandering Storm, Robert Thorax Bloodaxe

At the AMBARRSADE the group is asked by the Firestone twins to aquire certain contracts on behalf of the AMBARRSADE.

Things requested are trade-agreements for the following items:
-Grain and grain products

Plus a blessing from the local church of the AMBARRSADE so an opening banquet and party can be held, and the local King and Queen can be invited for elbow rubbing.

The group is also asked to inquire about local opposition to the current rule and any other shady elements it might be worth getting on good terms with.

The group agrees and without much of a plan walks out of the city, heading to the largest farm they see. This of course is the King’s own farm. And while the people at the farm mostly have their hands full with covering the Royalties and the Courts needs the groups does acquire some things. Namely: Royal drinks, beer, mead and assorted beverages, directions to the bakers guild, to the guild of Carpenters and directions to a farm than can act as a go-between for acquiring necessary meat-products.

After leaving the Royal Farm, the group decides to split up. Cyreal and Thorax heads towards the farm they were given directions to (take a left at the big rock, go past the first farm as it’s in the SHADE, go to the second farm), where they acquire a contract for meat products. While Diero and Sharr heads back to town to talk to The Guild of Carpenters and the Guild of Bakers. Both groups successfully complete their goals and meet up again afterwards. Stopping by the local market to secure a contract for deliveries of vegetables to the AMBARRSADE.

The group then head to the Church of Irnus and have a chat with the Cardinal, ensuring that the AMBARRSADE gets blessed.

The group then heads for the docks. While Diero elects to walk around on his own for a while, the rest of the group heads to a specific tavern that I don’t have the name for right now. There they notice a rather shady looking group of mariners. Who, after the group introduces themselves politely, challenges Thorax to a fist fight. Thorax accepts and fights a rather foreign looking fellow. Thorax loses the battle, but wins the mariner’s hearts. And the group sits down to chat with the mariners.

Meanwhile, someone tries to ambush Diero, only to find out that you don’t ambush a Monk, Monks ambush you. After dispatching his would be assailants, Diero finds an unfamiliar coin on one of them, then heads to the Tavern to meet up with the rest of the group.

At the Tavern the group finds that people who carry coins like the one Diero has found tend to go missing, also to look for a certain mark (don’t remember what it was), if they want to contact the black market and local flavor.

At this point a group from The Force of Midnight shows up to do a minor shake-down on the tavern and enforce the curfew on the docks. They are however friendly when they learn that the group are emissaries from the AMBARRSADE, and don’t see the coin Diero hides. However the group is sent back to the AMBARRSADE, there is a curfew after all.



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