Wartorn Lands

Session 2

Protect the Orcs!

Players: Therese – Valerina, Andre – Diero, Ian – Leafgland Blandorel, Robert – Thorax Bloodaxe, Ingeborg – Sharr of the Wandering Storm, Torstein – Cyreal

An emissary from Krag’Thar shows up at the Wayward Hen, seeking Thorax Bloodaxe. He tells Thorax that he is to bring his friends and come home as his uncle has a task for him.

The group travels, along with the emissary and his wagons, towards Krag-Thar. On the way they run into a group of disheveled ex-soldiers, who are desperate for food and on their way back home to Askaria. Ignoring the feeble attempt at an abush the former soldiers have tried setting up for them, the group elects to talk to them and share their food. One of the former soldiers tells them that he has an wealthy father in the capital of Askaria, who, if the group should contact him, will happily aid them in return for their kindness. The group brings the former soldiers along with them on their journey.

As the group reaches Krag’Thar, they are given a very warm welcome as the orcs and their kin welcome back Thorax Bloodaxe. There is also a bard-competition, which Val wins with her tale of how the group once faced down 100 dragonknights before electing to give away a sword out of the goodness of their hearts. She is rewared the bronze lute.

From Thorax’s uncle the group recieves a mission to escort two orc diplomats, the Firestone twins, to the Krag’Thar embassy in the capital of Askaria. Along with a wagon of treasures,

The Twins even sign the Cleric’s healing contract, offering to turn a house in Krag’Thar into a temple of Mafdet in return for the Cleric’s services on the way.

The journey to the Wayward Hen is fairly uneventful. Again Val tells the story of how the group faced down all the dragonknights of the world, to great success and much cheer, and Estrild von Immersdorf herself offers to cover their expenses for the night as a thank you for the entertainment.

The group continues on their journey, and as they traverse the forests, discover that they are about to be ambushed by a group of goblins. A group of goblins that are soon dead.

Further into the forest, the group sets up camp, despite hearing strange, oddly loud, hooting from the forest. A little bit into the 4th guard-shift a hungry owlbear charges poor Blandorel, who manages to shout “UT!” before he is nommed on by the owlbear. The rest of the group responds by attacking the owlbear back, and it is now regretting its dietary choices. In the end the cleric lands a critical guided bolt that explodes the owlbear into shiny glowy pieces of meat.

After this battle everyone in the group has signed a healing contract.

The group carries on with their journey, and are once again attacked as they reach the farmlands before the capital.

This time the attackers are human. Thorax gets mad and beats them into a pulp. Diero the Monk commits drive-by knee-cap destruction. Cyreal rains fire and then some more fire down upon them. Val makes them feel bad about their choices in life. Sharr makes them nervous about lightning. And Blandorel melts their brains. In the end no attackers are left standing and one one of them the group finds a note saying:
“Stop the diplomats from reaching their destination. Destroy this note after reading.” Signed with an Askarian Coat-of-Arms. This note is given to the diplomats.

Finally the group reaches the Capital. Here the gates are closed and the guards are demanding payment to let them in. However, after Val turns on her charms (that is magical charm person), the guards lets them in without any fuss.

The group reaches the “AMBARRSADE” where they are greeted warmly and rewarded for a job well done.



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