Wartorn Lands

Session 1

Home in time for supper!

Date: 12.01.2016
Players: Torstein – Cyreal, Ingeborg – Sharr of the Wandering Storm, Robert – Thorax Bloodaxe, Ian – Leafgland Blandorel

We start out at the Wayward Hen where we’re asked by Estrild von Immersdorf to retrieve a sword which once belonged to one of her subordinates who had fallen in battle versus the moutain clans. In return she will make sure her quartermaster gives us some better equipment. We agree and head out, following the directions given by one of Estrilds subordinates, intent on making it back to the Wayward Hen by suppertime.

On our way up the mountain we spot two mountain clan members hiding in the bushes. Our cleric raises her claws and calls out to them in a friendly greeting, they respond by shooting her with an arrow. The group proceeds to kick the shit out of them, killing one and sending the other one running.

Continuing up the mountain Cyreal volunteers (is persuaded to) sneak ahead and scout the area, suddenly finding himself in the middle of seven more members of the local mountain clan. In surprise he sets most of them on fire before they stab him with their spears. The rest of the group runs in and cleans house, two of the mountain clan attackers running off, the rest dead. Cyreal is given a health potion and is back on his feet.

We continue up the mountain and spot a small camp. This camp is unaware of us butchering their scouts and Cyreal manages to broker a deal with one of them, trading a herbalism kit for the sword we were sent to retrieve. At this point four dragon knights appear, and kindly request the sword. Seeing as we don’t quite feel like fighting four dragon knights we comply with their request, returning to the Wayward Hen empty-handed.

We explain what happened to Estrild and she is sympathetic, noting that we did what we were asked and that it was probably for the best that we didn’t try to pick a fight with the dragon knights. We receive our reward (armor/weapons upgraded by 1) and supper.



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